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Social Media Advertising and Online Reputation Management 

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that Social Media Advertising usage in 2016 was $31 billion in the U.S only? Social media advertising is likely to exceed $35 billion this year.  Do you know the average consumer spends an average of 6 hours per day online? So, reaching potential consumers where they spend most of their time makes sense.

There are way too many online platforms and so many different tools and making the right choice on where to invest your money might be a little overwhelming, that is why O&M Marketing Solutions is here to help!

Our integrated social media strategies engage your potential customers and provide them with a tailor and active social presence in the most efficient social media platforms available based on your budget and needs.

By frequently creating fresh, unique and valuable content, your business will build a better relationship with your customers. O&M Marketing Solutions can create relevant blog articles, social media posts, and beautiful graphics to represent your business in a professional manner.

Once you have established your presence online, it is very important to maintain a positive image, your reputation online is crucial and a single negative review can make the difference when attracting new clients, keeping existing ones, closing a deal, comparison shopping, etc.


You could have a negative online reputation through no fault. Your business name could be similar to another one with bad reviews, a client might have confused your company with another one or simply your competition is trying to hurt you. O&M Marketing Solutions will monitor your online presence and will try to resolve these concerns in a professional and ethical way.

Do you need an affordable website or a complete Marketing plan? We are located in Mableton, GA but we can work with you no matter where you are, Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation at 678-915-8190!

Social Media Posts Examples

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